We’re looking for a Technologist to work with the team and our partners in implementing technical projects in a context-aware and responsible way. The goal of this opening is to hire one core team member with deep skills in a range of possible areas (e.g. software or web development, data science, machine learning and more) and/or to explore project-based consultancies, with interested applicants. You will have the opportunity to share what kind of engagement you are interested in through the application link.

  • Location: Remote (must be based in a location between the following time zones: UTC-5 and UTC+5)
  • Hours worked: full-time (in addition to part-time and consultancy opportunities)
  • Pay: between 5,000 and 6,500 USD per month gross (for full-time), depending on skills and experience
  • Perks: up to 300 USD per month in approved expenses (for full-time)

Check out our Jobs page to learn about what it’s like to work at The Engine Room.


  • Design and implement responsible, intentional and sustainable technical solutions for and with the civil society organisations that we work closely with
  • Endeavour to understand project user needs, conducting thorough research into existing solutions and lessons learned from related projects.
  • Translate your technical expertise into accessible knowledge and insights for colleagues and others, ensuring clear explanations and designing meaningful opportunities for feedback with people who have more contextual expertise than technical expertise.
  • Work closely with groups in resource-constrained environments, and seek to understand the consequences of those constraints in prioritisation and capacity for designing, managing and maintaining technical projects
  • Produce clear documentation and thoughtful project design to ensure smooth handoffs of technical solutions to others, and provide ongoing support where necessary
  • Where relevant, manage technical consultants, and oversee the quality of our software development for external-facing projects
  • Actively seek ways to increase efficiency in technical projects across the team and with our partners, in a thoughtful and transparent way (for example, by introducing basic automation to data collection processes of partners working on gathering data about politically exposed people)
  • Work with the team to boost their technical skills, including keeping an eye on emerging technologies (for example: machine learning, automation, deep learning, media forensics, or others of the )
  • Work closely with the leadership team to ensure that our strategy and overall programmatic approach is responsive to the fast-changing technology environment around us


You’re a thoughtful technologist who is able to design and implement technical projects – from code, to infrastructure choices, and ongoing support. You see technologies as part of sociotechnical systems – with both technical consequences, as well as social impacts. You’re keen to use your technical skills to make technology more accessible to others, and you’re a thoughtful communicator who values contextual expertise as well as technical. You enjoy finding simple solutions to complex problems, quickly and with limited resources. You are open, empathetic and curious when it comes to others’ perspectives and experiences. You enjoy listening to others to be able to help them navigate difficult information and choices. You are excited about the potential of technology yet critical in applying it in your work. Our organisational values resonate with you.

For example:

  • Are you a software engineer who spends her spare time reading up on machine learning?
  • Are you a data scientist who understands that data can be manipulated to give diverse results, but still sees the potential of data in helping civil society advance their work?
  • Are you a curious coder who is looking to apply your technical skills in pursuit of social justice?


  • Advanced expertise in at least one of the following areas: data science, machine learning, software engineering, backend and/or frontend web development, data analytics, statistics
  • 3+ years experience working closely with civil society and social justice activists
  • You’re based in a location between the following time zones UTC-5 and UTC+5
  • Critical approach to both the positive and harmful roles and effects that technology can have on our societies
  • Demonstrated curiosity and proactivity in learning about emerging technologies and their effect on social justice and social change work
  • Ability to translate complex technical concepts into highly accessible language for diverse audiences


  • Experience working in remote team
  • Experience working on technical projects with partners or in contexts where resources are limited
  • Demonstrated interest in social justice/human rights work
  • Interest in responsible data approaches or ethics as they apply to technology

You could work on something like this:

  • Alidade: Based on research we conducted on how organisations choose their tech tools, we designed and crafted a tech tool to support their tech selection process. Alidade is designed to help navigate the seas of choices that organisations meet when thinking of tech in their work, by compiling a document that contains answers (provided from the users) to some critical questions that just need to be asked. We worked with a multidisciplinary team of researchers, ux experts, graphic designers and developers for the final product.
  • We supported the Namibian Institute for Public Policy Research to build a data model and searchable platform of petroleum exploration licences in Namibia that can power their investigative journalism and advocacy for stronger resource governance. Through our replication sprint process, we also worked with the Citizens for Justice, Oxfam Malawi, and the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association to build two similar platforms.

Visit our Jobs page to learn more about what it’s like to work at The Engine Room.