We’re looking for a Regional Support Lead to manage a team that works closely with local and national civil society partners, designing and implementing projects and building their long-term strategic data and tech capacity.

  • Location: Remote (must be based in a location between the following time zones: UTC-5 and UTC+5)
  • Hours worked: full-time
  • Pay: between 5,500 and 7,000 USD per month gross, depending on skills and experience
  • Perks: up to 300 USD per month in approved expenses

Check out our Jobs page to learn about what it’s like to work at The Engine Room.


  • Lead the design, implementation and thought leadership for how The Engine Room supports local civil society organisations, ensuring that our support to local partners reflects local and regional contexts
  • Lead a passionate team in their in-depth support of local partners’ strategic and responsible use of data and technology, and design processes to ensure cross-regional learning and knowledge sharing
  • Support your direct reports to excel in their roles and in their engagement with colleagues, and collaborate with them and the leadership team to ensure their continued individual professional growth
  • Lead programmatic fundraising, oversee regional fundraising and support business development. You’ll work closely with the leadership team to make sure your team’s work also informs organisational fundraising and strategy
  • Collaborate across the organisation to ensure that our regional support is informed by research and contributes to the organisation’s continued learning
  • Work with the leadership team and other team leads to ensure smooth cross-team collaboration and the strategic and efficient use of colleagues’ and external consultants’ knowledge, expertise and technical skills to meet the unique needs of diverse regional partners
  • Work with your colleagues to ensure our regional support work informs and grows our communications and engagement strategy
  • Oversee team-level budget management, operations processes and internal documentation for our regional support work and ensure your direct reports do the same
  • Represent The Engine Room at events to expand and deepen our relationships with potential partners and the communities we serve


Our regional support work involves providing in-depth, customised support to local and national partners, often using very limited resources. We do this because we believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to supporting organisations who have little to no technical expertise in-house. Effective tech and data support requires a strategic and sustainable approach that builds organisations’ technical intuition so that they are able to make smart and safe decisions in the future. Individuals with many different backgrounds could be a good fit for this role, and we don’t have a single profile for the ideal candidate for this role. That said, if most of the following describes you, then you will be a great fit for this work and our team:

You like to support your team to be able to solve granular problems while keeping an eye on the big picture. You identify pain points and design process improvements. Your leadership inspires, supports and makes the best use of everyone’s unique expertise. You are passionate about social justice and have a deep understanding of what many (smaller) local and national organisations face in at least one of the regions where we provide this support (Central and South America, Sub-Saharan Africa). You have strong thoughts about how to support activists who are overwhelmed with the current context of emerging opportunities and threats involving data and technology. You enjoy finding simple solutions to complex problems, quickly and with limited resources. You value and are curious about partners’ and colleagues’ perspectives and experience. Our organisational values resonate with you.


  • Demonstrable experience working with technology/data and civil society
  • 3+ years experience working closely with civil society and social justice activists
  • 2+ years line management experience
  • 4+ years project management experience
  • Experience managing budgets
  • Fluency in English and at least one other language
  • You’re based in a location between the following time zones UTC-5 and UTC+5
  • Awareness of both the potential of technology for strengthening civil society’s work, and the potential risks that technology and data can bring.
  • Fast, reliable internet


  • Experience managing multidisciplinary teams
  • Experience in designing projects
  • Experience working with people with diverse communications skills and perspectives
  • Remote work experience
  • Public speaking skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Fluency in Spanish or French

Visit our Jobs page to learn more about what it’s like to work at The Engine Room.